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My name is Marcy and Im 51 years old , married and had many different careers in my life. However, my current passion is running a 501c3 Non Profit Dog Rescue. I find your dedication and career choice very interesting and you must an intelligent person and although I am sure you have friends and family perhaps you still get lonely. I am hoping that being in contact would broaden our minds and life experiences and perhaps inspire us to look at the world differently. I love caring for injured and abandoned animals, of most any kind .although primarily I have rescued and rehomed over 1800 dogs off of the euthanasia list from Yuba County and Sacramento County Animal Control Centers here in California. I have in the last few years decided to slow down as I'm just getting physically tired. I used to have a lot of volunteer help from High School Students but now they are all growing up and moving away to college. At one point I shared a facility with Rocklin Animal Control and it allowed us to house 50 dogs. But that facility closed so I now reside on country property and have reduced my numbers to just those unfortunate misfits that are deemed un-adoptable. This means the senior dogs, or dogs that have terminal illnesses and such. Some of the dogs are fearful and have bitten in the past but for some reason don't bite me and act completely differently with me. It's sad really. They could be in a loving home and have a family of their own but they are their own worst enemy. So I do what I can.I would enjoy discussing your decision to grow into who you are, and learning new things about inspiring oneself to keep up momentum in life. I think one of my biggest fears is to grow stagnant in life. There is a story about that and it started with tragedy but ended up molding me into the person I am today. I also ride horses!!Let me know what you think and if we might make good pen pals. If you would enjoy getting mail from a Pen Pal friend then perhaps we should keep in touch. Thank you for what you do for the Country. Hope to hear from you soon.I'm athiest but believe in Karma:the force created by a person's actions that is believed in Hinduism and Buddhism to determine what that person's next life will be likeinformal : the force created by a person's actions that some people believe causes good or bad things to happen to that person.

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